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Below you will find the latest news, as well as our thoughts and ideas on all things print, design and web.

Web Design Trends to follow in 2017

Design plays a crucial role in the web space. Design plays a crucial role when it comes to creating a wow effect on your visitors and enhance the look and feel of your website. A well-designed website can not only easily capture the attention of a visitor but can also create a positive impact on the marketing strategy of your business. Von Glitschka goes on to state that “Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute”. A well-designed website that impresses your visitors then ensures a greater ROI.

Web design trends in 2016 saw its fair share of innovation and art. The major attraction in 2016 were Micro-interactions and Hand drawn Images. So, to predict what really is going to rule in 2017 is somewhat tricky. However, basis the market trends and user preferences, we have compiled a list of trends that are going to stay in 2017.

Web Design trends to walk into 2017

Flat Design Approach
In 2016, Flat design approach was followed by thousands of business owners. This approach successfully made their website visually appealing and efficiently captured the attention of their customers. This captivating approach will be a trend  in 2017 too. Flat design makes a website more interactive and focuses on delivering clear user-interface that ensures a rich user-experience.

Video On Banner
Another great web design trend that we expect to see in the coming year is Video Banners. This latest trend has been acquiring endless popularity since a few months. In turn, a large number of audience are appreciating this interactive idea and has been giving a positive feedback. This video banner trend help showcase the company’s information and values in a more engaging manner.

Responsive Design
In today’s digital space, business owners need a responsive website. Responsive design of the website provides a complete flexibility that improves the overall browsing experience for the users. A responsive website help a website owner to expand its reach among the mobile audience and boost the conversion rate easily with minimum time investment. 

Hand-drawn Icon Approach
Hand-drawn icon approach has gained much popularity in 2016 and will continue to be a hit in 2017. These hand-drawn icons uplift the look of a website. This trend can allow the owners to represent their call to action pointers in a more engaging manner.     

SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics)
In the coming year, we can expect SVGs over traditional JPG, PNG, and GIF images format. These vector based images are resolution-free and look amazing on any device. The USP of SVGs is that they don’t need any HTTP requests.   

Final Thought
Web market is brimming with numerous web design trends that promise to create add an oomph to the look and feel of a website. But the above trends are some of the essential trends we expect in 2017 and beyond. These predicted web designing trends may augment the brand presence and ensure greater ROI. So, get ready to give new look to your website in this coming year and take your business a level ahead of your competitors. 


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Content is king

Content is king

Whenever we create websites, we always try to make the design and usability of the site as strong as possible. It is the first thing potential customers see when they visit your website. You have about 5 seconds to create a lasting first impression and a further minute to hold their attention. They make their decisions about you and your business within that brief window. 

We are by nature very visual creatures, however once we get past the initial impact of the site, the substance, or content, starts to become key. 

Let’s look at this from another point of view. When you are looking for a product you may be impressed by the parallax scroller or cool hover buttons, but how long do you stay when you can’t find what you were looking for. Visitors come to you for a service or information. If they can’t find what they need or the site is confusing then they will jump to the next site. Google is more than willing to provide them links to plenty more companies.

Potential customers are often busy, sometimes impatient, and have no time to search for hidden information, or to navigate through multiple pages to find what information about you they need. 

Take the time to plan out what you can offer visitors and how that information is presented. Use that first minute of immersion to gain their interest and give them what they were looking for.

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